- Math Is Not Difficult ®

A reform-based program that uses innovative teaching strategies to
eliminate fear of math and make learning fun.

The Need

  • American students are not being adequately prepared to compete in a global economy.
  • Many children have difficulties with and grow to dislike arithmetic and mathematics because they are not good at calculating. They have difficulties in really understanding mathematics, in spite of every effort made by educators. Many students also develop a fear of mathematics.
  • The Third International Mathematics and Science Study found that by the time American students are in high school, they lag far behind students from other countries. One reason for this pattern of decline is that the content of U.S. curriculum is less demanding than that of other countries.
  • A need for accelerated mathematics content for students challenges teachers to incorporate curriculum that uses innovative teaching strategies. Project MIND - Math Is Not Difficult® is a project developed to meet this challenge.
  • Project MIND includes strategies to eliminate fear of mathematics, spark interest, stimulate creativity, and enhance students' abilities to become expert problem solvers in a technologically demanding world.