- Math Is Not Difficult ®

A reform-based program that uses innovative teaching strategies to
eliminate fear of math and make learning fun.


  • At one of the Palm Beach County year-end math games design contests, Maria, a fourth grader who won first place with her game, said she collaborated with her dad, who is a roofer. Maria wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
  • A third grade prize winner, Rodly Desronvil, a student from Haiti said, "Math is my favorite subject now, because it can do a lot of things for you, like making change and adding up your grocery bills." Rodly's father is a minister, but Rodly wants to be a lawyer who "can help poor people" when he grows up. Rodly says his father helped him handle the wood for his game.
  • "The implementation of Project MIND has become a viable tool enabling students and teachers to further develop their creativity in Mathematics."
    - Deborah L. Stevens, Principal, Palm Springs Elementary School, Hialeah, FL.
  • "There is little doubt that Shadowlawns Elementary's mathematics curriculum has been enhanced from our adoption of Project MIND."
    - Brenda J. Dawson, Principal, Shadowlawn Community School, Miami, FL.
  • "Many teachers are using competitive games with their students. Students are very enthusiastic as they compete against each other. It is amazing to see kindergarten students participating in mental math."