- Math Is Not Difficult ®

A reform-based program that uses innovative teaching strategies to
eliminate fear of math and make learning fun.

How It Works

  • Project MIND emphasizes total school reform aimed at accelerating student achievement through the participation of the total school.
  • Project MIND is designed to complement and enhance the core curriculum being used through the incorporation of innovative teaching strategies.
  • The program emphasizes the use of games and story telling to make learning math fun and exciting.
  • In Project Mind, students interact with one another, create their own math games and brain teasers, apply mathematics to real-world problems, and learn a variety of simple strategies to solve complex problems.
  • Because students take an active role in their education, they develop a personal connection with the day's lesson, thus leading to a sense of personal pride and accomplishment.
  • Teachers pose problems, ask questions that encourage students to explore different solutions, and utilize mathematical tools collected from every day life to provide subject matter and show real-life applications.
  • Teachers also encourage students to think carefully about mathematics in a given situation and make connections to other concepts within mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Project MIND is suitable for students in grades K-12.